Alexa Bill Pay

Who can I pay with iPay QuickPay?
You can pay eligible payees you've added to your bill pay account. You can ask Alexa to list your payees if you are unsure of which ones you've added to your account.
How do I get started with iPay QuickPay?
Once you've enabled the skill, you can ask Alexa to make a payment, provide payment history and check scheduled payments.
  • Say "Alexa, start iPay QuickPay".
  • For scheduled payments, say "what is my next scheduled payment to (payee)?" or "what is my next (number) scheduled payments?".
  • For payment history, say "what are my last (number) paid payments?".
  • To schedule a payment, say "Make payment".
  • For assistance, say "Help".
How can Idisable iPay QuickPay?
  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Go to the iPay QuickPay skill.
  • Select "Disable".
If you would like to use voice bill pay again, you'll need to re-enable the skill.