PPP Application & Documentation

Please have digital versions of the supporting documents listed below ready before starting your application.  These documents are part of the application package and are required in addition to your Borrower Application Form to be eligible for consideration.  Submitting a completed application package will help ensure a smooth application process.


  • Proof of supporting payroll costs for 2019 (This can include reports from your payroll provider or a list of employees with salaries, taxes and benefits as evidenced by W3’s and W2’s).
      • If you are a sole proprietor, please include your 2019 IRS Schedule C.
      • If you are an independent contractor, please include your 2019 1099 Form.
  • Document the sum of all health insurance premiums and retirement plan funding that was paid by the company owner(s) if applicable. (do not include funding that came from employees out of their paycheck deferrals).
      • Include all employees and the company owners.
      • Include 401K plans, Simple IRA, SEP IRA’s.
  • IRS Form 941 Employer’s Payroll Tax Report for 2019 (four quarters) or similar document.
  • Payroll statement for period on or around 2/15/2020 showing that business paid salaries and payroll taxes.
  • A cover letter or document which summarizes the itemized figures used to calculate the average monthly payroll costs listed on the application.
If you are currently not a customer of Watertown Savings Bank, you will need to provide the previous outlined documentation in addition to the following:


  • A copy of your corporate documentation (DBA Certificate, Operating Arrangements, Corporate Resolutions, etc.).
  • You will be required to open a commercial deposit account with Watertown Savings Bank.
  • Government Issued Photo ID for all owners with 20% or more interest in the business.
Once you have completed the required documentation and application, please call (315) 788-7100 to make an appointment to drop off your packet.