Positive Pay

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Protect Your Business From Check Fraud!

Check fraud is an ever-growing concern for business owners.  Watertown Savings Bank understands that when it comes to managing your business you already have enough worries, check fraud shouldn’t be one of them. 


That’s why we offer a FREE solution to help give you peace of mind on a daily basis.


The Benefits of Positive Pay:
  • Reduces the risk of financial loss
  • Detects suspicious check activity
  • Gives peace of mind knowing your account is protected
  • Minimizes disruptions to your business operations

Positive Pay In More Detail

What is Positive Pay?
Positive Pay is a FREE effective and practical business solution that helps you guard against check fraud.

How does Positive Pay work?
As a business customer with Positive Pay, you simply upload a CSV or text file each day, through your WSB Online Banking, listing all the checks you have issued and authorized including the check amount and check number for each item. You also have the option of manually keying issued items directing into your online banking. When a check is presented for payment, Positive Pay compares each check against your check issue file. If a check is not in your issued items list or if the check numbers and/or amounts do not match, the check will be denied for payment at that time. Instant daily fraud protection.

Who is eligible to enroll for Positive Pay?
Positive Pay is eligible for business customers only.

What is the cost for Positive Pay?
Watertown Savings Bank offers this service FREE of charge.

For more information or to set up a Demo please contact:

Jaime Hall                                                          Meredith Fox

VP Electronic Banking Services                 Business Development Officer 

(315) 222-7296                                                  (315) 222-7263 

hall@wsbny.com                                             fox@wsbny.com