Spare Change

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Turn Everyday Purchases Into Savings!

Saving money can be hard but using a round-up savings program like $pare Change can automate savings and eliminate some of the pain of growing your finances. 


How It Works

Simply use your Watertown Savings Bank Debit Card to make everyday purchases; we'll round the total up to the nearest dollar and automatically transfer the difference from your WSB checking to your WSB savings.  You can choose to round-up your transactions to the nearest even dollar amount.

You're In Control

Plus, we give you flexibility in choosing where your spare change goes.  Have your spare change deposited to literally any WSB savings account, money market, or club account. 

PRO TIP:  Use $pare Change along with our FREE Money Tracker to set and achieve savings goals and get a better picture of your overall spending habits.

Getting Started Is Simple        Enroll in Spare Change

One   Enroll for free by completing this form, in person at any WSB location, or              by sending us a message through Digital Banking. All you need is a WSB                Checking Account, a WSB Debit Card, and a WSB Savings Account.

Two   Use your card for everyday purchases, shopping, and recurring payments            to maximize your savings.

Three   Watch your savings grow automatically. 

The Benefits of Using $pare Change

$pare Change is consistent:
You pay yourself with each transaction making everyday spending a little more rewarding. 
$pare Change is automatic:
You’ll save every day without even thinking about it. 
$pare Change is flexible:
Your spare change can be deposited into any WSB savings account.
$pare Change lets you see real progress:
You can literally watch your savings grow as you swipe or tap your debit card.