The History of WSB

A Journey 125 Years In The Making

2018 marked the 125th anniversary of Watertown Savings Bank.  We're very proud of that milestone.  125 years is a very long time for a local business to not only survive, but prosper.  We have the same name and mission statement today as we did when our doors first opened well over a century ago. 
We thought we had a pretty good understanding of our history in this area.  However, we still had many unanswered questions which prompted further research.  Questions like Who started the bank and why?  What was it like in the early years?  How did the bank fare through the Great Depression?  Through World War II?  
In combing through countless historical documents and records scattered in various locations, it became clear that the history of the bank was much more than just that.  It was also a glimpse into the history of Watertown, the history of New York State, and even the history of our country.  
This led to the endeavor of celebrating our 125th anniversary by creating a commemorative book to share with our community, customers, and friends.  We look fondly upon our past, which has positioned us for a bright future that can be shared with the next generation of our community.
Old photos and WSB memorabilia
We are proud to share with you a journey back in time.  A historical look at, not only Watertown Savings Bank, but the individuals who helped shape our community's path to what we know today.
Click on the book below to enjoy a journey 125 years in the making.
 WSB 125 Year Commemorative book depicting the history of the bank and the surrounding area.