How To Stick To Your Budget

Cup of coffee and a note pad with a list of financial goals for the new year

Create a Budget You Can Stick To

Losing weight and creating a budget are two of the most common New Year's goals.  While we can't drive you to the gym, our Money Tracker can help make your budget the fittest it's ever been.

Money Tracker is a FREE addition to your existing Online and Mobile Banking that provides a convenient, straight forward approach to taking charge of your finances. 


3 fundamentals of solid financial health


Eliminate Debt

Pay off the smallest debts first, then work toward larger ones.  Commit to working at it a little each week/month and you’ll be surprised at how much progress you make.


Cut Unnecessary Spending

Keep your spending in check and try cutting back.  Try bringing your lunch to work each day or only going out on the weekends. 


Start Saving

Use the extra money you’ll have, after shrinking your debt and spending less, to build your savings.  Establishing the habit is what matters.  Even $10.00 a week is better than nothing.   

Money Tracker Helps Keep Your Finances On Track


Getting started is the hardest part, but Money Tracker can easily help you set these goals in motion and keep track of your progress every step of the way.


Getting out of debt is important. But when you drill down, there is a lot more to think about. While you're trying to cut back, pay off credit cards and build your savings, you still have bills and obligations.  It's the daily activities that can sometimes cause budgeting hassles. Spending too much at the grocery store, dining out, splurging when you should be saving -- these, and other things, can throw you off track. Money Tracker puts you in control and pulls your budget into sharp focus with Spending Targets.


Money Tracker is more than a way to keep track of your accounts and bill due dates. Maybe you’re trying to pay off credit card debt, save for college, a vacation, or even retirement.  If you can dream about it, you can save for it.  Money Tracker lets you create and add goals to your personal Dashboard.


Money Tracker lets you see all of your financial transactions and account balances in one place, in real time, all from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Customization is one of the many things that makes Money Tracker so special.  Your accounts, your goals, your targets, your tags -- all of it is uniquely yours.


A budget doesn't do much good if you only think about it once a month. With Money Tracker, you can review your budget at any time.  All of your budgeting needs rolled into one tidy package. Whether you've never created a budget and have no idea where to start, or if you have years of experience, Money Tracker has something for everyone.


Money Tracker makes budgeting simple. You can start out the New Year with the same plan as last year or make it your year to live with less financial stress and more control than you've ever had before.


Start using Money Tracker today and get your finances back on track.