Password Strength & Security

A password entered into a password login box on a website.

The key to strong password creation is not complexity, but length and memorability.  Want to know how strong your password really is?  Head over to a password strength checker such as “How Secure Is My Password” or Kaspersky’s “Secure Password Check” to see for yourself.


Four steps to strong passwords



Pick a passphrase like in the example above (unclebudsbestcatfish). You’re welcome to add numbers or special characters to strengthen it (and some systems will require a variety of characters), but it’s generally best to take an “easy to remember, hard to guess” approach.



Ensure it’s at least 12 characters long. Of course, this may be limited by the requirements of by each login system but the longer, the better.


Never use it twice. Using the same password twice is a great way for multiple accounts to be compromised, especially if that password is associated with a username that is your email.



Repeat for all accounts. Easy peasy. New passwords for each account that are easy to remember but hard to guess.


Never save your passwords in a browser

Security researchers have proven that if a cybercriminal gains access to your computer, they can steal every password you store in your browser. You can read more about that here: Hackernoon - Why You Should Never Save Passwords on Chrome or Firefox.


  • Never share your login credentials with anyone for any reason.
  • Never allow someone else to use your badge or key to enter secured areas.
  • Always ensure secured doors remain closed and locked.
  • Report all security incidents without hesitation.
  • Always follow your organization’s security policies.


Tips on how to remember all your usernames and passwords

In your personal life, get a password manager! Password managers create, store, and sync your login credentials across multiple devices. They can also auto-fill login forms on your behalf, removing the need to store your passwords in a browser. Here at work, check our policies before installing or using any third-party software.